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So you’ve got a great website and you’re doing everything you can to ensure that all of the search engine optimization (SEO) bells and whistles are in place? That’s great, but bear in mind that SEO, like every other aspect of technology, continues to evolve. What worked for SEO yesterday may not work tomorrow. This was the essence of Penguin 2.0, after all.


Here are some emerging trends in SEO that you should consider as you move forward with optimization techniques.


1. More is more. The days of simply posting a 350-word article with keyword-rich content are behind us. Good content will be characterized by quantity, not just quality. It’s possible that articles with word counts as high as 1,000 to 2,000 words will be necessary to grab the attention of the engines. Some SEO gurus refer to this as “epic content”. Others refer to it as “super articles”. However you refer to it, make sure you keep it in mind as you fine-tune your SEO.


2. Various information distribution channels rule the day. Content marketing is usually about putting some words on a blog post and submitting the post via WordPress or whatever content management system you’re using. In the future, content needs to be more than words. You’ll increase your authority if people can find your work in infographics, videos, and other alternate forms of media. Don’t forget about using sites like SlideShare (for slideshows) and DocStoc (for documentation) as well.


3. Link wheels are no longer effective. The whole concept of creating a hub-and-spoke network of links within links to disguise the fact that you’re really link spamming may have worked for a while, but those days are over. Google will use a much more sophisticated algorithm to identify link equity and ensure that links are more organic rather than forced.


If you’d like to learn more about best-practices for SEO, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.


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