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When small businesses market globally, they lose. They can’t compete with the resources of international companies and there’s no reason they should market to users who aren’t in their target audience.

Global vs. local

If you practice online marketing, then there’s a good chance you’re marketing to a global audience without knowing it. This mostly depends on your search engine optimization strategy. 

With local marketing services, you can target consumers who are actually in your target audience. All you have to do is focus on geographical location in your SEO campaign. 

Local marketing 

The majority of small businesses should be practicing local marketing, save for a few exceptions. To test whether you fall into this group, ask yourself if your prospective customers are from your town, or spread out across the world.  

A recent Business 2 Community article gives a few tips in relation to local marketing. According to the article, you should provide the exact information that your prospective customers will search for on Google:

“Think like a local consumer. What information does a consumer seek? To that end, make your local address and phone number easy to find in the header or footer of each page. Promote your business on local review sites and local business search sites, such as Yelp, Foursquare, and Google Places, and encourage customers to leave positive reviews. This will help secure you a prime spot on a search engine results page.”

Content, customer reviews, and social media are all important parts of local marketing. In regard to SEO, you should add local terms as keywords. 

Start small and expand 

The good thing about local marketing is that you can always expand if you want to reach out to a greater audience. All you have to do is add other towns and cities to your marketing campaign and include them in your social media efforts. 

To talk more about local marketing services, or anything else, contact us today. 



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