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Your use of pictures on the Internet dates back to your social media days. Whenever you found a funny or enlightening image on the web, you routinely shared it on Facebook or other social media pages. You’re also use to adding pics from your smartphone cam to your Tumblr feeds or Flickr collections.


Don’t try doing the same thing for the digital marketing of your business.


Internet pictures are generally copyrighted by their owners, so you can’t use them without permission. While most don’t make an issue out of using their images on a personal website, they may come after you if you use them for business. They could sue you or have your website shut down for copyright infringement. Smartphone cam pics just aren’t professional enough for business unless you also happen to be a practiced photographer. Customers will think that your business is amateurish.


You do have options for getting legitimate photos to use in digital marketing. You can start with a professional photographer who can give you the exact photo that you need. However, they can be costly. You can also try a student from your local photography classes who may be willing to take your shots at little to no cost if they can use the images in their portfolio.


Stock photography sites, such as ShutterStock or iStockPhoto, offers high-quality photos at low prices. The only catch is that the images won’t be specific to your business but more generic.


Finally, if you do find a photo that you like on someone’s website, ask them if you can use it for free. While some will charge you a fee, others may give the image to you for free if you provide proper credit and a link back to their website.


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