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The mobile internet industry is a fast-growing market.  Filled with potential customers and target audiences, this is a network no business should pass up.  There are two ways to tap into this market:  through a website or use an app.  Which one is better for your business?

If you choose a mobile website that means you have many people and platforms that you want to reach out to without too many adjustments.  The foundation of the mobile site comes from the main website so there’s no need for a whole lot of complex and technical details.  The difference between them is the mobile site is plain, simple and clean.  It uses simple column layout so users can scroll up and down the page easily. In terms of cost, a mobile website is cheaper to make and market than a mobile app.  Updates are as easy as updating your website.  In addition mobile websites are found in search engine results.  This option is great for businesses that are starting out in Mobile marketing or are without the resources to create a mobile app.

If you choose to create a mobile app you know exactly what audience to target.  Mobile apps are great when you know exactly what your audience is interested in and what their needs are.  Mobile apps can be accessed online or offline, it’s built to be faster than mobile sites and it can be customized to a person’s liking.  However, it takes more resources, creativity, technical details and hardware integration support to make an app.  In terms of cost, the mobile app is more expensive than a mobile website.  It will also take more money and resources to market the app to your audience.  Apps have to adjust to every kind of phone and tablet out there.  Any changes in the application will require updates, and that usually means updating the whole application.  This option is great when you want to take your mobile website to the next level.

Corporations and midsize businesses can afford to have the best of both worlds.  They can get a mobile website and a mobile app to reach as many people as they please.  Small businesses may or may not have the luxury to reach the mobile market using both.  Unfortunately a choice will have to be made.   A way to choose is to look at the industry you’re in and check out the competition.  What do the majority of your competitors have?  You can also contact us for advice.  We are happy to help in any way.

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