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To save time, many consumers now view emails on their mobile phones. While they still may sit down at their desktop once a day to clear out their inbox, consumers typically check their email a few times a day on their smartphones and tablets. This development calls for businesses to update their email marketing strategies to incorporate mobile elements.


Even for those who already anticipated this trend, the exact extent of it may still be shocking. A recent Venture Beat article includes statistics relevant to the topic. According to the article, the majority of emails are now opened on mobile devices:


65% of all email is now being accessed via mobile phones in the US.


This means that businesses have to optimize their marketing emails for mobile devices. If consumers can’t view emails on their mobile phones, they’ll simply delete them or ignore them. A company’s investment will be wasted if subscribers can only open their emails on desktops and laptops.


The article also reports that consumers are viewing their emails on all types of different phones. Here are the statistics concerning iPhone and Android email activity:


38% of iPhone users spent 15 seconds or more viewing each message.


35% of Android smartphone users spent 15 seconds or more viewing each message.


If businesses are going to invest in mobile email marketing, they have to be sure that it will work on all devices. This includes tablets, as well, which often run different operating systems and having different screen resolutions.


With the right digital marketing strategy, a business can prepare for email viewings from all devices. Professional consultants can assist businesses in optimizing their emails for all different platforms.


If you would like more information about email marketing, contact us or download our ebook today.


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