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Choosing what content to post is perhaps the most important task of digital marketing. You can pay for ads all you want, but unless you have informative or entertaining posts, people aren’t going to stay on your page for long.


There’s more than one way to create content. What works for one business may not necessarily work for another so it’s important that businesses test their content with trial and error. While blog posts may be great for one company’s target audience, videos may be the better source of content for another company.


Social Media Examiner conducted a survey and asked marketers to identify the types of content they use in their marketing strategies. The answers are listed below:


Original written content – 94%


Curation of other people’s content – 73%


Original visual assets (infographs, memes) 73%


Original videos – 60%


Original audio content – 22%


Original written content is by far the most popular content on social media, according to the survey. It’s also very effective for SEO. Original written content isn’t the most engaging type of content, but it’s something that can be used for everyday posting.


The survey also asked marketers what the most important type of content is. Once again, original written content led the list:


Original written content – 58%


Original visual assets (infographs, memes) 19%


Original videos – 12%


Curation of other people’s content – 10%


Original audio content – 2%


One of the reasons why original written content is considered to be the most important is because there’s so many different ways to do it. White papers, surveys, research, and blogs can all be used several times over in social media marketing. They provide fresh, relevant content that benefits readers and provides new insight.


The problem is that some companies struggle in the actual writing of the content. Not every business is capable of coming up with original written content often enough to be effective for social media marketing.


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