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Many B2B buyers prefer to do online research before making purchases. This research often starts with search engines and then progresses on to blogs and social media. Learning more about a business as well as its products and services is only natural because no one wants to make blind decisions.


Most buyers have come to expect businesses to employ content development in their marketing strategy. When a potential customer visits your website, one of the first things he will do is look for blog posts, white papers, or a newsletter. They do this to get an idea of your level of expertise and to find out what you are like as a business. They may also want more information as to whether your product or service will meet their particular requirements. Other reasons why content is essential to your marketing efforts is discussed below:


Content Establishes Trust


People are more likely to buy from those they trust. Trust develops as a result of repeated exposure. This is why regular content that is published on a consistent basis is essential. Regular publishing of content turns customers into repeat buyers. It also results in a very extensive collection of information which will make the first time visitor more inclined to become a customer. Many potential customers look for evidence of expertise, and the sheer quantity and quality of your content will do this.


Content Starts Conversations


Having a means for the reader to react to your content in the form of a comment section on your blog, a chat box, or a contact form gets the conversation started between you and a possible customer. The type of reactions your content stimulates can be varied. Someone may wish to express doubts or reservations or perhaps may ask for more information about what you have to offer. The important thing is that your content motivated someone to go out of their way to contact you. This person is a better prospect than someone who was initially contacted by you.


Content Influences Buying Decisions


This is done by publishing information that solves problems that are common to your industry. “How to” information influences the reader’s thinking process as to how they can solve their particular problem. Your information can steer your prospect’s thinking in directions where your services or products become a vital or useful component.


If you have any questions about effective use of content in your marketing, please contact us. You are welcome to download and read our free Internet Marketing Ebook.

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