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Although some people may think their homepage is an excellent place to send potential customers, this can lead to major disappointment depending on the expected results. Ideally, you should avoid using your homepage as a landing page in any situation, especially with pay-per-click marketing as the conversion rate will not be good enough to justify the advertising expenses.

Lack of Focus

Homepages have a huge lack of focus that lead to low conversion rates. A homepage is likely to give visitors too many options for pages to go to, and this is not what you want with a landing page. Having a separate landing page is ideal as it allows you to force visitors to follow the call-to-action or click the back button, which gives your call-to-action a much higher chance of success automatically.

Not Targeted

Landing page optimization can be done on a homepage, but it is not worthwhile. With a page as broad as a homepage, you will have a tough time actually targeting certain audiences, which can leave them feeling disconnected enough to leave your website and look elsewhere. Individual landing pages give you the ability to target your audience with pinpoint precision to the tune of superb conversion rates.

It is vital to understand the importance of separation from your homepage and landing pages. A homepage is ideal when it gives visitors plenty of options to choose from, and a landing page should only exist to serve the purpose of enticing someone to take action.

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