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Before practicing social media marketing, you should actively concentrate on strategic planning. Social media platforms offer many tools for businesses, and it’s easy to get lost on them if you don’t have defined goals.

One reason why goals are so important in social media marketing is that they let you know if you’re having success. Businesses have different goals when they market on Facebook and Twitter, and what defines success for one company may not define success for another.

A recent Upstart Business Journal article explains how businesses can improve their social media marketing campaigns by coming up with a strategy and setting goals:

“Select a couple of your business’s main goals, and look at them from the perspective of social media to see how your department can aid current business goals. If you are able to show how social media benefits long-term goals with evidence over weeks or months, you will be more likely to begin a conversation with executives about integrating social media into more areas of the company.”

We recommend starting out with small goals, like having a certain amount of followers within a few months. Then, once you have a follower base, you can start to post content on social media to engage them.

You should also try to calculate how much social media contributes to your website traffic. You can to do this with Google Analytics and it’ll show you how effective your social media marketing efforts really are.

The problem with social media marketing is that it’s so vast that you can do almost anything on it. In order for the practice to be efficient, you need to have a set strategy with defined goals. Then, you’ll have a way of determining the success of your marketing campaign.

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