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For well over a decade, Internet marketers have been saying that the money is in the list. This is as true today as it was in the early 2000s. Email marketing greatly facilitates relationship marketing. When done correctly, this relationship makes your list members more inclined to follow through on your service and product recommendations. This is in contrast to sending cold traffic to an offer on a web page for the first time. The conversion rates in such circumstances can be dismally low.

As effective as email marketing is, some marketers are making the mistake of not setting up a dedicated landing page for each of their offers. Instead, they link to their home page or to a general product page, and leave the task of finding the offer to their list members. Some never find the offer, while others get distracted by other items on the page or website and never get around to viewing the offer.

The Landing Page

Unlike the home page and most other pages on a website, a landing page is built with one purpose in mind: converting traffic to a single offer. A well designed landing page will not have menu bars with links to other content nor have multiple offers. Outgoing links to other pages distract traffic, and are essentially traffic leaks. Multiple offers pull the visitor’s attention in multiple directions. This only confuses and possibly overwhelms them. You could say that competing offers are attention leaks away from your primary offer.

Because of this dedicated focus to one offer and absence of leaks of any kind, landing pages have higher conversion rates than non-dedicated web pages. The offer on a landing page need not be the sale of a product or service. In fact, landing pages are often used to capture leads in exchange for something of value such as a white paper or e-book.

Using Landing Pages with Email Marketing

Given the effectiveness of email marketing and the converting power of landing pages, it only makes sense to combine the two. If you segment your list according to purchasing habits, you can send each segment to a different offer on a dedicated landing page.

When writing a promotional email and building its landing page, make sure there is no message discontinuity between the two. For HTML email, the appearance or “look” of the email should match that of the landing page. This continuity assures the person that she or he has arrived at the right place.

The increased conversion rate of sending email traffic to specialized landing pages is well worth the effort. With our automated marketing and CRM software, you can set up, track, and monitor email marketing campaigns and build your own landing pages. To learn more about this software and how it will improve your business, contact us.


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